Navetanvintti The barn loft

Our Navetanvintti is Kavalto country romanticism at its best. This atmospheric loft is right in the courtyard and is ideal for events for 70-180 persons. If you are setting up a wedding, a sales event, Christmas party, or maybe a festive event for the family, contact us and come for a visit.

Navetanvintti – Great for companies

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The main building

The beautiful main building of the Kavalto Estate was built 1870. It isn’t as it used to be, since it was renovated 1924. The building oozes the feeling of the early 1900’s, complete with hand-painted wall-papers and tile stoves.

The main building is particularly well suitable to family parties with a feeling and festive dinners. You can accommodate 10-40 persons.


Tuurunlinna is a graceful log building in a pine forest on a cliff. It is suitable for 90 persons at most in the summertime and events for 70 persons in the winter. Read more

At Tuurunlinna you can really feel like a part of the royalty of the forest.

Isännän savusauna – The master’s chimneyless smoke sauna

The smaller of our smoke saunas is situated away from the courtyard, ca. 500 m in the forest. You can easily take 20 persons in the sauna. From the hot room in the sauna you can quickly dip in the pond, in the winter through a hole in the ice! In the sauna room that is the room itself separate from the sauna, at most 10 persons can dine, in the summer on the balcony 15 persons. The glass covered balcony is nice to cool off in after the sauna. There are two separate dressing spaces, the sauna is a common one for both sexes. Read more


Riekkotupa is a cottage beside the smoke sauna with a loft for accommodation. Riekkotupa is especially atmospheric for example to spend your wedding night in.

Ask more about Kavalto Estate wedding night package from address kavalton@kavaltontila.com

There is really a nice feeling in Riekkotupa!

Tuurun savusauna – the Tuuru smoke sauna

On the other side of the pond there is Tuurun savusauna. It is larger than Isännän savusauna, it can take up to 35 persons at the same time. The glazed over middle space gives nice further room, and in the sauna room, that is the room itself separate from the sauna, at most 27 persons can dine or just lounge.

The Tuurun savusauna extra room is also suitable for meeting use. You can take the meeting equipment in your use.

Extra room at Tuurunsauna is provided by the cottage Taijan tupa, that provides dressing space, group work space, or for use as accommodation.

Taijan tupa

Beside Tuurun savusauna extra space is provided by Taijan Tupa. You can use it as a dressing space and it accommodates at most 6 persons.

There is room for up to 6 persons to stay overnight!


In the traditional Sami dwelling about 15 persons can sit and relax.

Camp fire dining traditional style.

Kota is an ambient space especially in the winter, here you can get close to the feeling of Lapland and its magic!

Laavu – a lean-to

Our Laavu in the forest gives you a little bit of the feeling of wilderness in our forest. Coffee, sausage self-made little buns made on the open fire are sure to whet your appetite for the experienced forest trekker, as well as a first-timer.

You can fit a maximum of 15 persons at the lean-to at a time. You can rent is as is, or as a part of a feast.

“Metsän poika (tai tyttö) tahdon olla, sankar jylhän kuusiston”