Our award winning smoke saunas offer an enchanting milieu at a forest pond, where your soul is at rest and mind calms down.

On the benches of smoke sauna many wise and good decisions have been made, and made the world a bit better, perhaps.

Each smoke sauna has its own jetty from which you can take a dip in the pond. In wintertime the atmospheric holes in the ice offer you Finnish exoticism at its best!

In connection with the saunas three are lounging areas both inside and out, so it is possible to do the dining at the same time with the soirées.

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“Terve löyly, terve lämmin,
Terve tervehyttäjälle!

Löyly on poika Auterisen,
Auterettaren tekemä.

Tule löylyhyn Jumala,
Isä ilman lämpimähän,
Tekemähän terveyttä,
Rauhoa rakentamahan;
Luohuttele liika löyly,
Liika lämmin pois lähetä,
Läpi vintilän lävestä,
Napakairan kaivamasta!”