Taija Kavalto

Hostess of the estate

I am the hostess of Kavalto Estate. I have been in the household from 1993. Nowadays I work as an entrepreneur at the family estate together with my husband Antti. I am responsible for the sales, marketing, and organizing the work at Kavalto Estate. We have years of experience in organizing celebrations, and my first and foremost duty is to be personally responsible for the client wishes. The meetings for the parties is always agreed beforehand, and thus we ensure that the schedule will be leisurely for your happening. We make sure there will be enough time for the meeting for your happening.

Contact me, we are all friends here!

I think it is marvellous to build memories and bring quality into people’s lives.

Antti Kavalto

Master of the Estate

I am the 11th master of the house in my family. I feel that this is a privilege, and I do my best that in my care the estate will carry on continuing its honourable tradition. I do farming with my father and some work in the yard. I warm the saunas, mow the lawn, and in winter I do the snow clearing. There’s work and there’s always a little building project or other at the estate amongst the other work that I do. I work also as a skilled carpenter.

As the master of the estate I carry on the chain of generations – I want to honour the traditions and at the same time create new ones.

Ville Toimio

Restaurant manager

I am a customer servant, having a schooling in hotel and restaurant fields, and over ten years’ experience. My work at the Kavalto Estate is versatile, which makes it especially nice. I work in various happenings from hosting meetings to wedding celebrations. I take care that our premises are always tidy and in a working condition.

Welcome to Kavalto for a good time!

A satisfied customer is always the best commendation.

Tytti Gröhn

I worked my first shift at Kavalto Estate when we had lived in Piikkiö just for a while, and it was awesome to find a job almost next door.

I loved the gang and their way of working straightaway, so I visited the hall side, and catering at the saunas, I did that as a extra on the side.

I just love to serve!.

Pirjo Määttä-Lehtinen

My name is Pirjo Määttä and I work at Kavalto Estate, in the hall side. You might also be inclined to say “in the forest side”. Because I work also in the customer service at the smoke saunas, at the “Laavu” and at the kote, the traditional Sami dwelling.

In the hall side I work in customer service in different parties, meetings, etc. Part of my job is also preparation; tidying, laundry, making beds, table setting, putting the decorations in place etc.

Welcome to Kavalto!

Serving another person is something uniquely beautiful.